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Our Locations


Glebe is a picturesque inner city suburb that boasts a rich mix of magnificent Edwardian townhouses and imposing Victorian mansions. The suburb was forged from a multitude of industry mixed with the frivolous activities of some of Sydney's ultra rich.

'Bidura', Glebe
St James' Catholic Church, Glebe
The great Toxteth Park, Glebe
St John's Anglican Church, Glebe

Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is a jaw-droppingly beautiful suburban peninsula on Sydney's South Head. With breathtaking cliff faces on one side and stunning beaches on the other, the area is scattered with perfect colonial buildings and historic marine infrastructure. 

Macquarie Lighthouse, Vaucluse
Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Watsons Bay
St Peter's Anglican Church, Watsons Bay
The school masters residence, Watsons Bay.
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