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All About Real History Walking Tours

At Real History Walking Tours, we love sharing overlooked or unknown stories from the past and have done so in multiple locations for five years. Sydney's streets are oozing with incredible historical stories just waiting to be uncovered!


Come along for an informative tour that delves deep into the heritage fabric of some of Sydney's most historically significant suburbs. As a group, we will explore historic houses, churches and parklands, all set against the dramatic backdrop of Sydney's picturesque skyline. Join us to unearth the forgotten stories of the most influential buildings in Sydney, and the amazing anecdotes of some of the city's past residents.

Currently, tours of Glebe and Watsons Bay are being conducted every weekend.
For bookings during the week, please contact us.  

Kids under 13 are free and dogs on leashes are welcome.

If you have questions regarding accessibility, please contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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